Working with Translators from C.A.R.

BlogCAR2015This week I have been working just about every minute with translation teams from the Central African Republic (CAR).

Due to the security situation there, most of the missionaries and other expatriates have had to leave the country, and the translation teams there have little support. They continue working in a pretty dangerous environment. One translator was killed in the conflict, while another died because the conflict prevented him getting medical care. Others have lost family members in the violence that has been a constant concern since the end of 2012.

We were able to provide facilities for members of the translation teams for 7 languages of CAR to get linguistic training here in Cameroon, which will assist them with their ongoing translation efforts. While they have been here, I have been able to help them with many various issues with their translation software that have cropped up over the last year or so; issues for which they have not had any support available due to the unrest in the country.

I have a great deal of respect for these guys, who continue working on translating the Word of God into their languages, for the first time, in spite of great difficulties and unrest in their country. It makes my complaints about our random lack of water, power, and/or internet seem REALLY minor….

Please help me in praying for these men and women who will soon return to their country to continue their work, and also for their families and translation efforts.

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