Kande’s Story

Kande's Story

Kande’s Story

While our main focus is Bible Translation into languages that need it, we also by necessity work in developing literacy programs for adults and/or children in local schools (where often here the instruction is in either French or English, the national languages, rather than their village language which they know and speak at home). We have a number of resources that we try to translate or make available if they meet the needs of the community. One of these is Kande’s Story, which helps to provide basic education about AIDs.

Worldwide there are more than 35 million people* infected with AIDs, and Africa has been hit very hard. Often here, especially in non-literate groups, there is very little knowledge about what AIDs is and how to prevent it. There also is often a real stigma about discussing it, and sometimes it is blamed on things like witchcraft, and AIDs victims or orphans can be shunned by their community. Kande’s Story is based on the true story of a 12 year old African girl who was orphaned because AIDs killed her parents. The story tells how her community and especially her local church helped care for the children, and is designed to help the local church reach out to those with AIDs and educate their own community. Information on AIDs causes and prevention is included, and it is rooted on Biblical principles and linked to Bible verses. Often it is done soon after we complete a New Testament translation, and then is presented to local Pastors in the hopes that they will use it in their churches and communities.

We currently have communities using it in both written and audio formats, where it is the only source of (factual) information on AIDs and AIDs prevention. For those interested, more information is available at http://scripture-engagement.org/content/kandes-story.

* http://www.unaids.org/en/resources/campaigns/World-AIDS-Day-Report-2014/factsheet

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