Sharing your gifts

Sharing your gifts

I hope you had a merry Christmas! We did…we missed family, and our power was out from 3 am to 10 pm…but we had a family over to play games and eat Christmas Eve, and to other families to do the same Christmas afternoon. It was wonderful to spend time with lots of good friends.

Of course, we also opened gifts Christmas morning…but spending time with my friends made me think about the gifts we all have, that God has given each of us. Each one of those families could have been elsewhere, but they chose to spend their time with us. That was a gift. One guy who was over Christmas day is in construction and very handy, seems to love fixing things. We were trying to use our new generator for the first time and having trouble with it, so he asked me if he could have a look at it. We wound up determining that it was a fuel problem (apparently water and sediment in fuel is common here), and he drained and cleaned the fuel tank with me (taught me a few things and got the generator working like a charm!) Several times I asked him, is this what you want to be doing on Christmas? We could go in and eat or join in one of the games? But his response was that he loved doing this kind of thing.

When we were done he went in and sat down next to the fan. And noticed it was running rough… And tore it down and lubricated it…now it runs like a new fan.

I was really blessed by this. And it made me think, how often do I bless people with my gifts? Maybe I should look for more ways to use my talents and gifts to bless others….

How about you?


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