Languages matter: software innovation provides greater digital access and tools


We work under the organization SIL, Cameroon here in Cameroon. While I am filling a need in Human Resources at the moment, my calling and training is in Language Technology, which I will return to soon. One of the areas we have been working in for years is providing software to enable people to type and create in their own diverse writing systems (most of which is provided free), for use in Scripture, literacy, health information, stories, etc…

With more than four billion* people around the world using the Internet, SIL International is striving to make sure non-dominant language communities are not left behind. Because the unique alphabets used by many of these languages can be difficult to display with standard software, SIL is working to support the writing systems of under-resourced languages as one way to include them in today’s growing global digital arena.

More information is available here if you are interested at web site

Thanks for your support and prayers!


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