SIL, Cameroon Celebrates 50 years Working in Cameroon


With Dr. Paul Kimbi of Wycliffe Global Alliance and Dr. Michel Kenmogne of SIL International, 2 of our partners who were presented with Certificates of Recognition in appreciation of their work with us over the years.

This year the organization that we work under locally, SIL Cameroon, celebrates 50 years of working in Cameroon. As part of the celebration activities, we had a dinner where we thanked and recognized our partners from the Cameroon Government, Universities, and NGOs including the Wycliffe Global Alliance, The Cameroon Bible Society, and CABTAL.

Since 1969 SIL has been part of work in more than 130 languages in Cameroon in the domains of Linguistics, Translation, Literacy, and Media production, helping provide Scripture, Literacy and health materials.

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