Working with Campus Cameroon on the Jesus Film (and others)

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-11 at 11.59.33(1)

You may be aware that in addition to translating materials like the Bible and health materials into local languages for the first time, we also are very involved in dubbing the Jesus Film, The Gospel of Luke, and other films into local languages (often the first film ever available in these languages). The Jesus Film ( is currently available in nearly 1700 languages, and we are working on more.

Recently we signed an agreement with Campus Crusade of Cameroon to train some of their staff in the dubbing process, and to work with them to help distribute and show it in Cameroon in different languages and communities. For most of these communities, this will be the first film they have ever seen in their own language! Pray with us that it will be a blessing, and that this partnership will bear fruit in the coming years.

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