The new ‘Coffee’ New Testament

Ngomba NT Ded March2018 - JRider - 222

I was just able to attend the dedication ceremony for the new New Testament in the Ngomba language in the West Region of Cameroon. Work has been involved in this language since 1991, in Linguistics, Translation, and Literacy, and personnel from our organization have been involved most of that time.

Now the 63,000 speakers of the Ngomba language have a complete and published New Testament in their language for the first time. They also have literacy transition books, a dictionary (which I helped with a little bit), books of proverbs, and some community development booklets available now.

Here is a video of my friend Scott, who has worked with this language for many years, giving a speech at the dedication in the Ngomba Language, which will give you an idea what it sounds like:

Thanks to all who have supported and prayed for the Ngomba people over the years!

PS: Caleb told me that I finally had the Good News in my heart language, the “Coffee” New Testament. (Kaa Fi means ‘New Covenant’ in Ngomba)


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