Luke Film debuts in the Bamukumbit language!

Luke film showing Bamunkumbitedt

What is the best way to celebrate Christmas? How about seeing the Luke film for the first time? On December 8th , some of our staff helped show the Luke film for the first time in the Bamukumbit language of Cameroon. The Luke Film is a word for word film adaptation of the Gospel of Luke. In July, Nathanael in our media department worked with our team and the local translators to record the entire book of Luke into the Bamukumbit language, and then dubbed it into the Luke film. The mastering work was done in the USA, and then it was sent back to us in October. December 8th was the first official showing in the village.

More than 70 people watched the initial showing at the local church. They were all happy to watch the full four hours. We also sold some SD cards of the film, which people can play on their phones.

The Luke film shows the entire life of Jesus, and follows the book of Luke with the words coming straight off the page. What better way to spend four hours during the Christmas season than to watch the birth, life, death, and resurrection of the Messiah? As the Luke film is shown many times over, pray the people of Bamukumbit will put their faith in this Jesus who speaks their own language.

For more information on the Luke Film there is a review here, and it is available in English on Amazon here.

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