BibleBox Initiative


SIL Cameroon works closely with Campus Crusade for Christ Cameroon by helping to translate and distribute the “JESUS” film. In August, they celebrated their 25th year ofministry in Cameroon, and it was marked by setting up 23 BibleBoxes, small wifi devices containing digital Bibles and resources that people can download. These devices were placed at strategic locations here in Yaoundé. During the 21-day campaign, 1,944 devices connected to one of the BibleBoxes, downloading 55,772 files in a total of 78 different languages, 76% of which were minority languages. Now these files can be freely shared with others. As the gospel was presented, five people prayed to receive Christ. Praise God with us for what he is doing in Cameroon,and pray that these BibleBoxes would continue to bear fruit.

Jann Bradford
Excerpt from our current newsletter
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