Our ‘Windows’


Our Chaplain recently gave us an interesting overview of the mega-spheres of ministry or ‘Windows’*. Most Christians are likely familiar with the 10/40 Window, where the majority of unreached people groups are located. Northern Cameroon falls in this category. Did you know that the world can be divided into 4 other ‘Windows’? Dr. Timothy Tennent (source below) defines those as the Post Christian, Catholic/Pentecostal, Orthodox, and Young Church windows.

In this view, most of Cameroon and EG fall into the ‘Young Church’ window (as does most of Sub-Saharan Africa). The Christian Church is exploding in this window, with estimates of up to 24,000 new believers every day. The Church here differs from the Church that we know in many ways. In general there are not many denominations or defined church authorities like in the west, but mostly non-institutionalized, non-denominational structures. And as in every ‘window’, the needs are different here – the major needs of the Church in this window are the needs for teaching (and access to Scripture), leadership, and training.

Imagine what is could happen when the 375 million Christians in this window start sending out missionaries of their own! By all means, pray for the 10/40 Window, but remember to pray for our window, too. Including the 250+ languages of Cameroon and E.G. that still need access to the Word of God.


* The concept of the 5 Windows is derived from the work of Dr. Timothy Tennent. Those interested can learn more here.

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