What is i-DELTA?


Currently we are hosting a course here we call i-DELTA (Institute for the Development of Languages and Translation in Africa). 26 students are here from 8 different francophone countries to participate this year in the first year of the three year program.

i-DELTA came about because of the realization that in many of our projects in unwritten languages, local members of translation and literacy teams spent many years learning about linguistics, translation, and literacy in the village environment but had nothing ‘official’ to show for all that they had learned and accomplished. i-DELTA was created in partnership with an African university and an African seminary to fill this need. It is an intensive program of courses and projects that can be used to get accredited coursework that can be applied to either a B.A. in Theology or a B.A. in Education or Development Studies.

The French program is being held here while the English program will be in Kenya.

If you are interested there is more information here.

We are excited to have so many participants in the French i-DELTA this year. Please join me in praying for them.



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