The Muyang New Testament dedication

This video is from one of the 3 New New Testaments that we have seen dedicated in Cameroon in the last few months. (Note that it is 20 minutes long). Usually a dedication ceremony is held when the Bibles have been printed and are ready to be distributed. The ceremony is planned by the community, usually by the Language Committee and/or the Inter-Church Committee.

The Muyang language is spoken by more than 30,000 people, and now, after many years of work by the community and Wycliffe/SIL, they have a complete New Testament in their language! Work will soon begin on recording audio Scriptures and hopefully translating the Old Testament.

John 3:16 in Muyang:

  • Nə̀ɗəm nahkay ti aɗaba Melefit àwaya mis ga duniya dal-dal. Nahkay àslərbiyu Wur gayaŋ bəlaŋ bəlaŋani ni, àvi ana tay, ti ku way way do tamal àfəkia ahàr ka Wur na ti èji do, aŋgət sifa ya àndav ɗay-ɗay do ni sawaŋ.

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