Health care on the mission field…

A recent conversation in my house which unfolded over several days. Names removed to protect the innocent. But I am one…

“Dad, I don’t feel well”
“Well, you are able to complain about it, it can’t be that bad”

“He has a fever of 101”
“Any other symptoms? “
“We’ll give him some aspirin”

Next morning:
“He still has a fever”
“Any other symptoms?”
“I am very tired and have a rash…”
“Remember being bitten by anything? If you do, there’s a chance we could identify it…if it’s been discovered yet…”

“Could it be Malaria? We should give him the cure…”
“But thats expensive!”
“So are funerals”
“It won’t hurt him , better safe than sorry!”

“What if we have to take him to the hospital?”
“Are they open? Monday is National Day, all the Pharmacies are closed…”

“We should call the (mission) nurse first”
“She said it sounds like Dengue Fever!”
“He does seem dingy-er than usual…:)” (This causes patient to involuntarily roll his eyes and then say “Ouch” because one of the symptoms is pain around the eyes)
“Is Dengue Fever bad?”
“I don’t know…She said there is no vaccine, you just have to treat the symptoms…”
“Look the internet is working for once! Google it!”

“OK, our wonderful nurse said to take aspirin and keep hydrated, lets do that and call her if anything changes”

2 days later – patient is fully recovered and goes to school! Must have been the Lord…

Note: If you didn’t know, our son Joshua had Dengue Fever last weekend. He is now fully recovered.

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